Our approach is personal, thorough and professional. Each of our clients can expect a high level of skills and service across all disciplines. You will be dealing directly with the team who will be building your project.

You can expect the most exciting and liveable design solutions. And if you have your own Architect/Designer we are only too happy to work together to achieve integration between your home and its environment.

Step 1
We get an idea of your plans and expectations.
Step 2
We will discuss broad but realistic budgets and time frames based on this information.
Step 3
Your wish list. It may consist of photos from friends or magazines.
Step 4
We will visit to your home to gauge how to best integrate the home with its exterior spaces within your budget.
Step 5
A design will be formulated presented and then tweaked to ensure that you are informed and inspired.
Step 6
Final costing based on completed design.
Step 7
We begin...
Step 8
We exceed expectations.
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